What is the liver responsible for?

For the disposal of hazardous substances for us:

Toxins, poisons, certain drugs and so on;

Oxidation and synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates;

the liver stores glycogen stores (a substance that is quickly converted to glucose in an “emergency situation” to feed the body);

it participates in the process of digestion and synthesizes the bile necessary for it;

Vitamin A is synthesized here


Alcohol – the main liver poison. The reason is simple: alcohol is essentially the same "chemistry" like any dichlorvos (alcohol destroys liver cells in any amount). It seems that you can destroy the alcohol and live in peace. But no – with the breakdown of alcohol in the body, the substance acetaldehyde is formed, which exceeds the alcohol itself 30 times (thanks to him, we are plagued by a hangover the next morning). Acetaldehyde is destroyed by the liver for a few days and suffers from poisoning. Our metabolism therefore passes through the stump deck and reduces resistance to infection.


What is stone made of? (Knowledge, geography, stones)

Hello I wanted to ask what stone actually consists of. It couldn’t have been there right from the start. If someone can tell me the composition I would be grateful

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Each stone consists of different minerals; Minerals in turn consist of chem. elements.

Rock is a very far-reaching term Basically from different minerals and earth (although this is also a far-reaching term) always depends on the variety but believe me, it is very, very different

In the 5th grade I was able to learn: Granite: Feldspar, quartz and mica, I will never forget them.


The simplest and incredibly tasty dish is pancakes, which can be prepared in a pan for a minimum of time and independently. In addition, costs are almost not required. Despite the fact that it is easy to make pancakes, the recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and has not changed over time, but it has remained simple and affordable.

Then you can diversify the classic pancake recipe

Do you prefer the classic pancake recipe? Why not experiment and make a banal pancake masterpiece? It’s worth noting that they’re definitely delicious, work with original additives, at least without them. So what can you put in a pancake batter? There are many options because every housewife has her own secrets.


How much pasta water? (Cooking, kitchen, pasta)

An Italian told me once "The secret of a good pasta is cooking with plenty of water". How much should you take and then noodles really get better?

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1 L / 80 grams of pasta.

1 liter of water should be taken per 100 grams of pasta. Why? Real pasta needs a lot of water so that it does not stick or clump together. A lot of cooking water means that the pasta is cooked evenly, thus becoming “al dente” and not losing too much nutrients.

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. how should i cook pasta?

Hello everyone, I would like to know how to cook pasta (just for information, they are NOT spaghetties), I need to know:


  • Choice of the type of coffee machine French press
  • Electric Turk
  • Drip coffee machine filtration
  • Carob tree coffee machine for at home
  • Geyser
  • Coffee machine capsule coffee
  • Combined coffee machines for the home

For many people, the day begins with a refreshing cup of coffee. Of course, taking advantage of the usual instant drinks, taking coffee is the easiest way, but sometimes tasty, stronger, and amazing taste. In fact, it is possible to make good coffee at home. The selection of modern coffee machines is huge, they not only differ in the beverage production technology, but also additional options that essentially make the process easier. So how to choose a coffee machine and which one is best for home? This article provides useful tips for choosing this device.


How many spaghetti do i need per person and which trick is there to measure the required amount? (Degree)

. measure the required amount?

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Quite simply: For spaghetti as main course, calculate approx. 150-200 gr. Per person (depending on the eater) and then round the result up to the next sales unit. Example: 13 food sacks * 200 gr. = 2600 gr. Rounded up to 3000 gr., Since spaghetti are usually only sold in the 500 gr. Pack. But I can also recommend that you take branded noodles (Barrila, Buitoni.), Because they simply taste better and you want to offer your guests something tasty. Good succeed!

There is now a so-called. In (almost) every household goods store or department store with a household goods department. Spaghetti measure with three to four openings of different sizes, by means of which the required amount can be measured.


How many recipes do you know? cook

I know a lot of recipes, I only share a few recipes ,,

Chana Biryani recipe

Chettinad Mushroom Masala Recipe

Simple Aloo Gobi recipe

Matar Paneer recipe

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Meen Kulambu recipe

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Shrimp balchao recipe

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Tandoori shrimp recipe


How many grams in a teaspoon of certain products

Certainly, many housewives are interested in how many grams in a teaspoon of a particular product, as is often found in recipes you can find recommendation 7, 12, 23 grams of ingredients. This weight is difficult to estimate by eye and precise electronic scales are not for everyone. And even if they don’t show 2-3 grams. What to do in this case? It is best to keep in the kitchen comparison chart of weight and volume of certain types of products that you use most often. Of course these housewives who are used can do everything with the eye and easily pour into a cake instead of the recommended 17 grams. Tablespoons of ground cinnamon powder spoons may not get the same result in the output that was originally expected.


When women find another culinary recipe for their piggy bank from the internet, a magazine, a book, or on the advice of a friend, they first look at the list of products needed to cook and only then look at the proportions.

The dosage of the bulk and solid products is shown in grams or measured with spoons, glasses.

It is believed that a real housewife can measure the dosage of products "by eye", but not everyone can and shouldn’t risk it because you can ruin a dish.

How many grams of spices a spoon and a glass hold

The easiest way, of course, is to measure the amount and weight of ingredients using modern kitchen scales. But what to do if no scales or a measuring glass are at hand, and in the recipe all ingredients are given in grams and milliliters?


Everyone knows that the human body contains a lot of water. But most people don’t know how much fluid is “hidden” in the individual organs. Because not only skin and kidneys, but also joints and even our bones need sufficient water. So how exactly does the fluid divide in the body? Which organs contain the most water and what is it good for? This and many other interesting facts can be found in this article.

How is the water distributed to the human body?

At birth, the human body is 95 percent water. In adulthood, however, the proportion drops to "only" almost 70 percent, since the ability to store water decreases with increasing age. For an average adult, this still makes about 43 liters of water. The body excretes two to three liters of it a day – this of course has to be “replenished”. That is why it is all the more important to ensure an adequate hydration every day. A person drinks about five times their own body weight each year. Coffee, beer and Co. are not included.